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Orders now being taken for Collectors Edition starting at $159,000

Simply Powerful.

The Taylor Landship is the strongest high performance, most versatile automobile ever built. Nothing can compare. 500+ plus  Hybrid Horsepower, coupled with wide stance and instant response, is nothing less than breath taking awe and exhilaration.

A true Shire Draft Workhorse in the automotive industry, this engineering wonder is not just for show; the Taylor Landship can move mountains in the afternoon and dazzle crowds while roaming free in the evening on the street under shimmering city lights with class and style.

A powerful performance Sports Car for race track and highway, it leaves the competition behind; yet its safety features are left untouched to achieve its performance goals.

A family car? You bet. Comfortable and considerable components lavish the Landship's interior that even a seasoned sea scout will appreciate. More room than a family sedan, the Landship's comfort level is unmatched. 

How about mountains? A true woodland path and trail finder, the Landship has the ability to rise to the occasion with clearance capabilities matched by none. Four wheel independent drive completes the cycle offering absolutely no comparison to the angle of attack of obstacles or side hill stability.

Above decks or Deep below the surface, the Landship's design commands respect  from any captain of the highway who takes the helm; from its clear deck work to its high tech gauging station.

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