American Patriot Party USA Anonymity Tax, Taxes, Tea Party Tax 1776 FAQ

American Patriot Party
American Patriot Party USA Anonymity Tax, Taxes, Tea Party Tax 1776 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

In Regard to the

Anonymity Tax

Welcome to the American Patriot Party's Frequently Asked Questions on the No Names No Numbers Anonymity Toll Tax.

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the
"No Names No Numbers Anonymity Toll Tax System" or "True Patriot Tax".

Because the Anonymity Tax is part of the Proposed
States Liberty Billto reduce federal governments and its tax burden, some questions and repliesmay be directed to parts of the larger bill and related issues.

Regardingtaxes, 660+ billion are spent just in regulation costs - This is to collectthe other 660+ billion collected in taxes that invade the "security of everyone'sperson, personal papers and effects" .

You cannot have a federal tax inside the US and get rid of this invasiveness or costly bureaucracy;

The IRS must be removed and the states must have control of all collection.

Sales,income, property, death, Flat tax, Fair tax, Equal Tax and all taxes thatallow the federal government in your business, will continue to keep thesame huge regulatory bureaucracy- its retirement, doctor dental and PERKs,in place.

And the Burden of these taxes remain.

Further, the hundreds of billions more that people must pay in "compliance costs" still remain.

Whenthe question arises regarding the clear evidence for the need to change ourtax system and reduce government burdens, it is far better to step forwardwith good intentions of saving our freedoms,

Better to make seriousstrides toward that goal, than to make feeble attempts to squelch any hopesof achieving such freedoms and relief from the ever increasing burdens whichare placed upon all people of this country.

The Declaration of Independence addresses this:
"Prudence,indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changedfor light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shownthat mankind are 'more disposed to suffer', while evils are sufferable, 'than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed'."

Itwill be easy to herd those who are easily frightened back to those thingsthat they are "accustomed" such as high taxes and complacency with a fewwords of doubt cast forward by those in the bureaucracy whose salaries relyon a people being under their tax support.


It is a fact that this country ran without the federal reserve, without income or sales taxes, or the IRS.

Withoutzoning, without federal game reserves, federal programs; or exclusive privilegedentities such as the unions; or the corporations; Special Interest groups;undelegated self perpetuating government bureaucracies etc.

These are socialist institutions in a free country.


TheDeclaration of Independence clearly outlines that it is the construct ofeach Free state to coin money and to declare wars and many other things thata "free independent state has a right to do" .

If we read this document, it would be more widely known.

As presented in other posts, all men that died to secure our freedoms in the revolutionary war, did so fighting for one document alone;

And that document is the
Declaration of Independence that defines what tyranny in government and what inalienable rights are. Further, what your first right and duty is.

Byplacing input on discussions that are based on the founding documents thatpresent the underling problem; and not to get into bureaucratic system causes;This establishes a strong foundation based on true definitions of freedom;

States will in fact take control; and the federal purse strings will be in the hands of the states and local governments.

Anyidea presented, without an alternative to the huge bureaucracy remainingwhere it is, shows such a statement being mere banter.

Here is thestrength of this proposed system of reform: The Anonymity Tax system willreduce the federal government and it's burden.

There is no better way to reduce the federal government than to:

1.) Place a freeze on non essential federal positions,

2.) Place all federal lands back into the states ownership and control

3.) Create a more locally controlled tax system;

As presented here Please book mark this site for future reference.

Allother tax plans neglect the removal of the federal bureaucracy because theyfail to recognize that it it is the federal bureaucracy regulation itselfthat creates the major weight of the tax burden.

It is a fact thatif the regulatory bureaucracy of the IRS remains, it does nothing to reducethe Tax burdens it creates by it's existence.


Presented is a plan that will reduce the federal government.

And that is to:

1.)  Put a freeze on hiring nonessential federal employees;

2.) Return all federal lands to ownership and control of the states,

3.) Lift zoning to allow free enterprise to grow outside of the ever growing federal bureaucracy 

4.) Provide for a noninvasive tax system (True Patriot Tax) with a small bureaucratic structure with a small tax burden.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Define "nonessential";

ANSWER:Nonessential is all those Nonessential agencies closed down when congresscould not come to an agreement some years ago... Plus:

IRS after theTax system change, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Managementand National forest rangers (counties take over) positions at salaries thecounty dictates; All National Zoning bureaucracies that impose regulationson states.

This is just a starter.

QUESTION:Despite the fact that those agencies might currently NEED those employees,because your goal is to shut those down "right now", then I do hope you havea backup plan in place.

ANSWER: Nobody will die if theforest rangers walk off their job. The tax plan calls for early retirementfor the IRS employees and a automated money transfer.

QUESTION:Goes back to my concept of the education reform - if you take away a federalagency right now, you need more than "____ can handle it" - you need actualplans, detailed and specific.

ANSWER: Retire them and Fire them like the federal government closes down mills and fires the employees in the west.

Nolove loss here - want me to shed a tear for those federal paper pushing employeesriding on the backs hard working private enterprise so that they can getdental and doctor and insurance for their kids?

When they turn a blind eye to those that support them?

Theycan adapt like everyone else they have taken jobs from to maintain theirbureaucratic employment and have crushed from their zealous interoffice imposedbureaucratic regulations.

Sorry, Socialism must be halted and removed to allow freedom.

Letthe bureaucrats of this country get a real job in free enterprise and stoptaking from others against their will by way of the IRS.

>>> Once zoning is abolished ( SEE STATE LIBERTY BILL) there will be plenty of jobs in Free Enterprise.

QUESTION:Now, tell me what else goes with it. Freeze the federal employee what happens when those people already in place get swamped, fall behind,and average tax payers suffer because gov't agencies aren't doing what they'resupposed to?

ANSWER: Tax payers will have a chance intheir local state and county elections to develop what they need and wantby the vote of the people on from bills they create locally that place theburdens locally.

QUESTION: What state agencies are created, or expanded, to take over the roles of the Federal agencies,

ANSWER: This will be the problems of the local community to solve. The Federal bureaucracy won't be there.

QUESTION: When, how, what will they do, who will they report to, and how will you staff them.

ANSWER: This will be the problems of each local community to solve. The Federal bureaucracy won't be there.

QUESTION: How does the transition work?

ANSWER: I presented this on the web site: You close and shift until the Non essentials are gone -

QUESTION: Return all federal lands to the states.. who makes laws when railroad tracks or highways cross state borders?

ANSWER: This is interstate commerce and the states will simply change the name on the doors and take over the burden of costs.

QUESTION: Who manages these things, and who controls interstate highways?

ANSWER: The State(s) individually as it (they do) does now less federal matching funds (more burden).

QUESTION: How do you tax those using the lands?

ANSWER: You don't.

TheNew tax system cuts the bureaucracy in half and almost eliminates compliancecosts. reducing the need to tax everything in sight.

QUESTION: What about returning US lands to the American Indians? (Oh yeah, forgot about them).

ANSWER:The Indians have all that they are going to get. They lost and are doingwell with their gambling casinos in the west. Go out to "SEVEN FEATHERS CASINO"in Oregon - see for yourself.

QUESTION: Define thisnoninvasive tax system, with specific rules and regulations - what percentagesapply to what income levels; what about companies that pay employees livingin another state; what about international companies, or simply companiesoperating in multiple states; are all goods taxed the same; which goods takeon which taxes in various states; who is going to make up all of the newtax laws in each of the 50 states to replace the now abolished national taxstructure.... wow, I can't believe how LITTLE I actually typed there, buthonestly, I doubt you'll read my questions if I go on for the next hour...but you can start on those.

ANSWER: This is all explained both on the web site is discussed in Dismantling the Current Tax System" post as well as the"True patriot Tax, No Names, No Numbers Post. on this American Patriot PartyGeneral Issues Board.

>>>> See further Below on answer to percentages.

Thomas Jefferson:

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits
drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

I do not add 'within the limits of the law', because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so
when it violates the rights of the individual. ~~"

Byattempting to take my money to do what you think is best for me and othershas been tried and tried again - and failed and failed again throughout history.

The issue is States Rights. Smaller federal government and Local control.

Freedom has already been defined.

You either allow it to occur on its own; or you attempt to control it. And controlling it is not freedom.

The APP is for government schools operated by county; and private and home schools; - Not operated by national intervention.

Which national schools would those be?

ANSWER: Any school regulated by the nations Department of Education - Right now just about every school.

The"nations" Department of Education which is one of those "Non Essential agenciesthat will be removed - You want them? You Pay for them out of your own pocket.

QUESTION:I went to school in the Enlarged Middletown City School District. We tookthe New York State Regents exams. The only national test I recall takingwere the President's Physical Fitness test, and the SATs.

ANSWER: Ifyou took them before the national government involved itself in the 1970'syou where in a state or county school, afterwards your education was controlledif not all, at least in part by the federal government.

The Federal Department of Education will be abolished and education responsibility returned to the states and to the counties.

Federal Government Bureaucracies on top of Local Government Bureaucracies needlessly increases the tax burdens.


WhatI have seen in history however in attempting to work within an already corruptsystem to make changes within the construct of that corrupt system rarelyresults in the removal of that corrupt system which is necessary in implementingfully those changes that need to be made. It simply mends a small part ofits corrupt nature and continues to be corrupt as a whole.

The APP is here to make necessary changes in the federal government and State governments.


QUESTION:How - check, cash, charged to an account that is paid later (month or twodelay is common in wholesale). By who. Will these employees be state or federalemployees?

ANSWER: Some of these questions you posed were answered on the web site,

Below I will try to briefly repeat those.

They will be collected by state employees.

My Quote: " The Federal government will have no contact with the American citizen. "

QUESTION: Aren't we supposed to have access to all parts of our government?

ANSWER:We are talking about taxes; In regard to taxes... The amount the federalgovernment receives will be decided at the voting both."

QUESTION:How often? The voters will decide the amount, but who will pick the amountsfor them to vote on? Will everyone just write in their perceived amount?

ANSWER: Your states and counties already have the process of developing budgets and time in voting for them, these will not change.

Inthis case the County or state will be required to present a reduction ofservices, a status quo and where they present new projects.

Increases or reductions beyond these are requested by bills as they are now.

QUESTION: Are there odds that a higher tax amount will actually win out over the lower amount?

ANSWER:Yes. Our county multi million dollar library just went up this year by avote of the people. It took them 20 years, but after the library was ableto fight their way away from being part of the general budget which alwaysgrabbed money away from them, managed to have the funds and bill to be votedupon separately which was dedicated solely for a new library and it passed.

People are more apt to vote for things they know what they are voting for.

QUESTION:Assuming a choice between at least two tax values, who will determine thepercentages, and how will those be presented to the people?

ANSWER: The percentage of taxes will begin with the present state and county budgets as they stand;

This will be factored in to the traffic volumes data and toll placement to come up with the percentages.

Most budgets are itemized already and on computer systems.

Wherevoting on every little detail would be impossible, the budget committee wouldplace the county tax requirements in larger categories that can be votedupon. The more broken down details of the budget(s) will be online for publicscrutiny.

If there is to be a general emergency type fund, it will be separate and voted for separately.

My Quote:" In this plan, all federal land will be returned to their respective statesand counties, further reducing the need for additional federal regulationand bureaucracy. "

QUESTION:  How will the land be returned to the states. Will the deeds immediately change hands?

ANSWER:The Federal Government during the time the railroads had attempted to consumethe west, were required to sell what they took and then return the land toboth state and federal ownership.

Originally all lands of the states where suppose to be transferred to the states.

The transfer of ownership and liability will be immediate.

Thedeed documents of that ownership need not have any changes or rewrites asthe land descriptions are already established on the documents; Those landswithin the states will simply revert to the counties within the states.

QUESTION: What about entities who are utilizing the land, will they be immediately evicted?

ANSWER:All agreements with the federal government (except taxes) will remain validand be transferred to the respective states and counties for their ownership,jurisdiction and control.

QUESTION: If there aretrain tracks running across state owned land, will you tax them? Are theycurrently taxed? If they are, would you just immediately stop taxing themfor the use of the land?

ANSWER: Land will not be taxed.

Trains will have a toll just as the automobile and determined by the states and counties in which they pass.

QUESTION:What's the point of having state owned land if you have to maintain it, andare liable for anything that goes wrong, but make nothing from it?

ANSWER:All state lands will operate their maintenance by use taxes not unlike theydo now; camping requires park permits for parks etc.

This will be the duty of the individual counties, not the federal government.

" The Department of the Interior and Bureau of land management will be abolished"

QUESTION: Who will replace the organizations? If each state has to now maintain thisland, someone has to control it... won't that require new agencies, or anincrease in the size of agencies on the state level? If new agencies, howwill they operate, what will be their bi-laws and rules, what other stateshave you contacted to ensure that this is feasible? If existing agenciesare expanded, how long will the transition take, won't this just transfertax burden from federal to state, and the people are paying the same... justto someone else?

ANSWER: Each county will finance what they wish to finance, or are able to finance, as far as these services.

It will be a major reduction in useless endless costly studies brought about by federal regulations.

"All other taxes within the states except toll, use and voluntary taxes (state lotteries etc.) will be abolished."

QUESTION: So you'll stop sales tax, luxury taxes (cigs, gas, etc).


QUESTION: These taxes will be made up by... higher income taxes?


Income tax will be abolished along with the multi billion dollar federal IRS bureaucracy that implements it;

andthis action alone will eliminate the 240+ billion dollar tax burden (HeritageFoundation figures) of compliance costs to the tax payer.

QUESTION: You've just transferred federal lands to state control and increased the size of government agencies.


Most federal agencies in the state, will disappear and not be simply transferred.

Theland and buildings not located in parks or needed by the state will be auctionedinto private enterprise and the moneys received from those sales used tohelp offset the new changes in the system.

QUESTION:You have tolls on Interstate 87, for example, to maintain those roads...but nothing for interstate 84 or 684 - what maintains those?

ANSWER:Do not confuse the areas of government supported by the "toll tax" with thoseareas of services that are supported with "use taxes" the gas tax is a usetax and will only be changed as to who collects this tax;

Use taxes will be collected by the states as most are now.

QUESTION: Where will the money come from for state police?

ANSWER: Toll taxes.

"This will eliminate 50% or more of the tax burden at the start, as compliancecosts incurred by citizens to comply with those regulations, which reach240+ billion, will also be greatly reduced and in most areas completely eliminated."

QUESTION: I thought the point was to have the states collect more taxes than the Federal gov't.

ANSWER: NO! The object is to reduce the burden of taxes!!!

Reduce the "burden" and reduce the tax.

QUESTION: The states currently receive money from the feds.


TheFederal government receives money from - "the people" - in the states, TheFederal government then takes - skims - money for projects and to supportit's bureaucracy, then the Federal government offers only some of that moneyback to the states "if" they do what they want the states to do in any numberof ways. Many through Undelegated (under the original Constitutional Compact)Federal Mandates.

QUESTION: So, now, won't more money have to be collected at the state level?


The reduction of federal involvement will reduce tax "burdens".

QUESTION: Won't this require an increase in state taxes?

ANSWER: Some tax shifting will occur but the overall tax "burden" will be reduced.

Taxes will be less.

QUESTION: Won't this also require an increase in the size of a state's tax collection agency?


The toll tax system automates the tax collection procedure.

It will reduce government man power, paper requirements, and private enterprise expense in compliance costs.

QUESTION: Will this change the tax percentages of the local and state level?


Tax burden's will be greatly reduced because the burden of government bureaucracy will be greatly reduced.


Segment below from the True Patriot Tax System, No Names No Numbers Tax System: 

State Taxes:

"Stateswill have a electronic roadside devices in the same places they now havetraffic counters - (see below example post for web sites that show trafficpasses at these counters and an example), that will collect a small, no namesno numbers toll tax amount of tax money in purposely low amounts to encouragemore business from a pre paid sticker on your car as you pass;

This "sticker" will act the same as a phone card that you can buy at any store or 7-11 market;

Any number of "passes" on each stamp can be purchased from a "stamp" machine and placed on your bumper or in your window.

No names or numbers will be collected to describe the person or car;

The reader will only transfer the amounts from what you have already paid when you purchased the stamp as you pass;

andthe moneys transferred to a bank account pre-established at the voting bothas to what public services that money has been "ear tagged" to go.

Thestate / county or city will not be able to touch these "ear tagged" accounts,and in areas such as roads, private enterprise will bid for accomplishingeach of the ear tagged road tasks; low bid will take it and they will bebonded and insured so the amount they spend will not exceed the bid theymake.

When the tax is satisfied the counters stop collecting, completely automated.

You can watch the tax be collected as you pass by a visible counter.

Thesmall amount collected by each pass, lets say for the sake of argument .03cents per counter or less; will limit the reason to avoid the tax to nearnil.

A yellow light will show if you stamp is running low, a orangelight shows a first or second non paid pass and a red light shows you mayget a traffic ticket;

A ticket which in this case will be minimalbut much more than the tax so not worth not swinging by the store to pickup another sticker."

QUESTION: Will this allow people not to pay taxes?

ANSWER: No. You will have to pay taxes. But the tax collected will not be intrusive into your business.

It will be less than you pay now because the
"burden" of tax will be be greatly reduced;

This Tax will not condemn you for making more money or condemn one from bettering oneself by building a nice home.

QUESTION: Now, instead, you have to go out and buy a sticker for your car?

ANSWER: You can buy a sticker from any place you normally shop.

Then that's it.

No records need to be kept.

No paperwork to comply.

That's it.

QUESTION: Will you have to pay to drive on EVERY road?

ANSWER: You have to pay to drive on "EVERY" road right now.

You presently pay gas tax, income tax and sales tax to pay for road projects everywhere.

Youpresently spend the first 3 months of your work every year under the presentsystem to pay to drive, sleep in your own house, eat at restaurant, buy goodsanything you do.

And you presently will spend at least a week of hardlabor bending over your desk to organize receipts, do mathematical figuresand record every dollar you have made or spent to make sure you didn't misa thing... to "comply" with the current system. "ie: compliance costs"

QUESTION: And if you take that road more than other people, you have to pay more often.

ANSWER: That is correct.

If you drive more, you will naturally have the money to pay the gas to drive more and the tax.

QUESTION:And if you forget, then you are fined. And now every single road is a tollroad. But you don't have to worry about paying your ticket because thereare no names and numbers taken - they know that SOMEONE didn't pay theirtoll, but they have no idea who, which makes this particular tax evasioneasy and painless.


This is an incorrect assumption.

If a person drives only a mile from their house and never further, this might be the case; but it is not the normal situation.

A person who drives, drives not on one road but many;

He would eventually get a ticket.

A ticket which would be greater than the hundred or more tolls he passed without paying.

Remember, as presented in the tax plan, the tax is small and incremental.

The ticket paid by any one driver caught will pay for many who haven't including his own.

Ifa passed toll is .03 cents a 40 dollar ticket paid by one by avoiding 100booths or "$3.00" will mean that those tolls not paid by many others whotake the chance will be paid.

A $40.oo ticket paid by one motoristwould pay almost 1400 missed Automated Toll Counters by himself and others.Being an incremental tax to encourage both business and travel, the tax systemcovers itself.

This will also make all other tax payers smile because when the total tax money to suffice the taxes are collected, the tax reader stops collecting until more taxes are approved to be collected.

All the passes you have purchased will transfer to the next session when the tolls begin collecting again.

QUESTION:Would abolishing state taxes mean that there would be no money to build theseparticular machines, produce the stickers or a large expense burden to taxpayers?


Another incorrect assumption.

These machines are not new devices.

Rancherscan purchase small "sensor" guns that can be aimed into a field to collectthe number of every cow who has an ear tag with a sticker attached.

The sale of federal building properties as presented above will easily pay for the sensors and placement.

The savings would be such to afford any changes necessary.

QUESTION: Who and how will the stickers be managed?

ANSWER: The stickers will be managed not unlike lottery tickets or phone cards that are purchased.

The same type of machines and distribution will be implemented as in these tried and true methods of distribution and sales.

QUESTION: Who will make certain that the machines are in constant working order from damage, weather, vandalism or general wear?

ANSWER:County road departments .... you know them, the guys who are always seenleaning on their shovels or on coffee breaks.... will be the ones who willtake over the upkeep;

A simple feat which will be to remove the old one and replace a new one.

These devices will cost less than a cell phone and there would be no reason to use labor to repair them.

Segment below from the True Patriot Tax System, No Names No Numbers Tax System:

 ----------------------- Acceptable Forms of Taxation -------------------

Use Taxes:

UseTaxes, which can only be collected for the usage presented, are a feasibleand fair form of taxation so long as their use, amounts are real and forthe exact purpose they are created; and when the adjustment or abolishmentof them, when necessary, are controlled solely by the vote of the peopleand available for such to be exercised at every election.

Voluntary Taxes:

CompletelyVoluntary taxes such as state lotteries or voluntary donations for specificneeds are acceptable; However no tax shall be open ended and must establisha maximum amount to be collected for that specific need. After that, Absolutelyall proceeds after collection costs are satisfied must be directed back tothe people in the form of winnings or be discontinued until the next electiondefining a new agreed upon goal by the voters."

QUESTION:  Is this tax filled with natural loopholes, both for creating new taxes, or fighting taxation of any kind in court?


You are looking at two tried and true areas of taxation; these are not vague.

Oregon uses both of these systems; and we have no sales taxes.

TheAnonymity Tax or No Names No Numbers Tax will remove loopholes and all thelegal manipulations present in the current systems of taxation.

QUESTION: Is the Bill or tax system complex or hard to understand?


It does however require the reader to look at taxes in an entirely different way.

This is why the bill is under development and is part of the "
States Liberty Bill" and people need to be educated to its functions and understand it will:

1.) Reduce taxes,
2.) Reduce bureaucracy and the burden of taxes caused by bureaucracy and its regulations, .
3.) Remove federal encroachments and manipulations on the people.
4.) Advance free enterprise.
5.) Strengthen Freedom and Liberty.

QUESTION: It only works if you have every single state participating, right? Or isthis selective - some states can pay federal taxes, some don't need to.

ANSWER: The toll tax is part of a restructuring of the federal government.

The Federal portion would need to be implemented by all states;

Unlessa individual state wished to take the stand of moving the federal governmentportion of the plan out of its state and begin the process of collectinga tax with no names and no numbers.

The States can implement the Anonymity toll tax to collect state and county taxes this way at any time.

QUESTION: Also, what about states that currently have no state income tax (Texas) - how might this impact them?

ANSWER: Texas has many other taxes that will be abolished with this system.

They will benefit the same way other states will benefit by reduced federal and state tax burdens and reduced compliance costs.

This system to work it's best will need to be implemented in all 50 states.

QUESTION: What about industries that depend on the tax bureaucracies?

ANSWER: All those industries that make money on this huge bureaucracy will be effected.

Some greatly.

Socialism is progressive in that it creates dependency on the bureaucracy that feeds it.

Whatpeople fail to realize, that for every mouth or business fed by such a socialbureaucracy, it creates 10 more dependencies and takes food from the mouthof 20 independent businesses.

This is why socialism is progressive.

It is a downward spiral.

It will destroy our country.

The inconsistency of those who protect their government jobs at the cost of private jobs is alarming.

People preach freedom, then turn around and practice socialism.

Manylumber and other associated industries where destroyed by government regulationsthat created many more regulatory positions in the bureaucracy.

Thereverse procedure in implementing this tax, which will create a more freeindependent market, will have the same effect to those jobs in the bureaucracycreated when they destroyed private enterprise.

Socialism is a liability.

Freedom is an asset.

Weneed to make these decisions before our liability exceeds our ability tosupport those liabilities we have created with our given assets.

Idoubt if you will find HR Block shed a tear for those who loose their landand businesses do to the regulations they profit from.

Nor should we shed a tear for them loosing their business and home for feeding on the hardships of others.

Anybusiness that feeds from money, taken from others through a bureaucracy orbureaucratic regulations against their consent, are in fact part of thatsame bureaucracy and part of the socialism that needs to be removed.

These dependencies need to be removed or reduced as well.

QUESTION:  Isn't this cold hearted for those dependent on the government jobs and jobs dependent on those bureaucracies?

ANSWER: No, this is not cold hearted but realistic.

Allthose wonderful things said about those people who have worked so hard inthe bureaucracies, can be said of every mill worker or laborer that workedswing and graveyard shifts at basic wage for years, who lost their jobs becauseof the simple fact those nice hard working people being mentioned were offered,and they accepted, the avenue to be supported by a government who regulatedthe mill workers and laborers right out into the streets to make way for12 to 75+ dollar an hour government jobs and million dollar government contractsand associated jobs that feed off of private enterprise.

Everything said of the terrible consequences that could happen to those bureaucrats, already happenedto those they have stepped on as they stepped up to acquire their jobs ingovernment and government regulation supported incomes.

And continue to step on to hold those jobs.

What chance do you think a mill worker or logger or farmer would have getting a "IT" job?

I will tell you, that it is a lot easier for a IT worker to step into a blue collar job than it is the other way around.

Themarket will always adjust the demand by itself; but forced regulation createdby heavy burdensome bureaucracy only compounds the problem ten fold.

Whena government agency opens up for the purpose of regulating free enterprise,and begins hiring employees from tax money forcibly taken for independentfree enterprise, to distribute money taken in taxes to pay those who aredependent through contracts from the government, does any one stand up andsay "stop, your crushing the people that are paying your salary???

No, they crush them.

Then they say look how fortunate I am to have dental, doctor and retirement.

Thenopen up a new regulatory branch to hire the unemployed they crushed intothe bureaucracy so that they too can stand on the backs of free enterprise.

This is "socialism"!


The plan presented here with the "
States Liberty Bill" lifts zoning laws so that free enterprise can prosper,

Zoning does not control growth, it controls people.

Zoningand regulations on free enterprise force free enterprise into the open armsof the government - which is an institution that has no limits.

And instead of a "free enterprise building" going up paid by free enterprise money;

You now have a "government building" going up that is paid by tax money forcibly taken from those it regulates into oblivion;

And employees who are hired and supported the rest of their lives by those same taxes.

The choice has to be made.

Freedom or Socialism.

If its Freedom, we make the choices to necessary to insure freedom and free enterprise.

If its socialism, changes will occur whether we like it or not by simply doing nothing.

This country will fall far more spectacularly than Russia.

And I guarantee all the precious lives in this country will suffer in that instance;

With those not educated in real freedom as defined by our originating
Founders of Freedom, they will run about like all the pacifists in other countries yelling why is this happening to us?

And there will be the reason, plain as day.

We look forward to those interested in strengthening freedom in a free country to encourage these changes.


Richard Taylor
American Patriot Party (.CC)
American Patriot Party of Oregon

(Formerly the
Oregon Patriot Party (.com)

The American Patriot Party of Oregon

EducatingAmericans on the differences between Blind Nationalism which deals in borders,country, symbols and the such; with True American Patriotism which dealswith "Certain", "Inalienable", "Rights" outlined in the Declaration of Independence;

"The 40 Grievances" therein of that
Declaration of Independence which define what freedom is not;

And the opposite of these 40 Grievances which define 40 additional Certain Inalienable Rights;

And the Bill of Rights which is The Bill of "among these" additional, Certain, Inalienable, Rights.

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No Names No Numbers Tax

The only True Freedom and True Patriot Tax - Do not confuse with any other.

This Tax System removes the heavy burden and bureaucracy associatedwith TaxationÕs present Tax implementation and Tax collection.

Do not be fooled by scams such as the Fair Tax, Equal Tax, Free Tax, Patriot Tax and other so called new systems of Taxation.

The No Names No Numbers Tax:

Removes the IRS and places the States and Counties in Full Control.

Removes Most Federal Bureaucracies from the States

Removes Federal Tax Burdens within States out of the States;

Removes Tax Paperwork;

Removes Heavy Tax Crimes and Penalties,

Removes Invasive Government Snooping into your personal Business,

Removes Tax Compliance Costs.

The No Names No Numbers Tax is Part of the States Liberty Bill

True Republican Patriots, Patriots of the Oregon Patriot Party

New Automobiles, New Sports Cars, Race Cars, New 4x4 Four Wheel DriveTrucks and Vehicles

Landship, Taylor Landship - Simply Powerful.

A New Car, A New car Company, No one builds and automobile like Landship

Landship - Simply Powerful


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Pro Toonerz, Professional Cartoonist Cartoons and Comics for every occasion.

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Green Springs the Animated Series

Richard Taylor Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author Poet and Graphic Design

Richard Taylor, Poems and Poetry
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Intellectual Political Commentary with Peep and Cheep

Green Springs Productions Cartoon Character Licensing, Green Springs Cartoon Character License and Green Springs Character License:

Green Springs Character License 1 Dipo the Dinosaur.

Green Springs Character License 2 Twiple the Bright Yellow Bird.

Green Springs Character License 3 Jiblet the Jerbil (Gerbil)

Green Springs Character License 4 Sqwalker the Ostrich.

Green Springs Character License 5 San the Snail.

Green Springs Character License 6 Woyb the Worm.

Green Springs Character License 7 Snug the Slug.

Green Springs Character License 8 Breadmaker Turtles, Wheat, Wholesome and White.

Green Springs Character License 9 Nuts the Inventor.

Green Springs Character License 10 Snick and Rittle, a snake and his rattle.

Green Springs Character License 11 Tubs the Turtle.

Green Springs Character License 12 Andy the Ant.

Green Springs Character License 13 Bobby Bear.

Green Springs Character License 14 Camelot Caterpillar and Curt the Chameleon in Caterpillar Candy Cocktale.

Green Springs Character License 15 Dee the Damselfly and Darnel the Dragonfly in The Dragon and the Damsel.

Green Springs Character License 16 Ebert E. Ermine in Eight EÕs.

Green Springs Character License 17 Flamingos, Fish, Pheasants, Frogs, Ferrets, FallowFawns and Frog Feet in February Fracas.

Green Springs Character License 18 Gary Grouse and Glen Gladious Gator in The Gator and the Grouse.

Green Springs Character License 19 Herbert, Hemit and Hugo Hog in Hog Holiday Hoedown.

Green Springs Character License 20 I the Fly and Imil in I the Fly.

Green Springs Character License 21 Jim, Jethro, John, Jesse, Josh, Jeff, Jamie, Joseph, Jake, Justin and Joey Johnson in Jerboa Juneberry, Jelly Berry Jam Jamboree.

Green Springs Character License 22 Katie the Kangaroo, Citchy the Cat and the Kangaroo Rats in Kites and Kangaroos.

Green Springs Character License 23 Lu Lu Llama and Lorilie Llama in Limes, Lemons and Llamas.

Green Springs Character License 24 Moose, Mastodons, Mammoths, Mammals and Marbles in the Mysterious Marble Mountain.

Green Springs Character License 25 Norman Newt and Newman Nuthatch in Nutmegs.

Green Springs Character License 26 Obrian Opossum, Olga Opossum, Oranges, Orange Blossoms and Otters in October Opossum.

Green Springs Character License 27 Paul Porcupine, Pete Porcupine and Pauline Porcupine with Petunias in Porcupines and Petunias.

Green Springs Character License 28 Q Quetzal and Kay Quetzal in Q the Quetzal.

Green Springs Character License 29 Ruben Russle the Rabbit in Red Ripe Rutabagas.

Green Springs Character License 30 Samuel Sheldon Sapsucker, Sanford the Sardine and Steve the Shark in Seemingly E - Sea.

Green Springs Character License 31 Tookee Toucan, Teto the Tortoise, Tobias Timothy Turtle and Tish the Tadpole in The Turtle and the Tortoise.

Green Springs Character License 32 Unger the Umbrette and the Urchin in The Umbrette and the Urchin.

Green Springs Character License 33 Vivian Yvonne Vanessa the Vixen and Virgil the Vole in Vivacious Vestige.

Green Springs Character License 34 William Wilfurd Waxwing Wayne Witiwer Warbler in The Wayward Waxwing and the Whimsical Warbler.

Green Springs Character License 35 Yellow Bellied Bunting and Yellow Caterpillars in The Yarn of the Yellow Bellied Bunting.

Green Springs Character License 36 Zena the Zebra, Xylophones, the Xiphoid Xerus and Zithers in Zebra from Zambezi.

Green Springs Character License 37 Knobze and Snobze the Detectives.

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NASA Kids The Non Aligned Space Association KidsCartoons and Cartoon Character Licensing. NASA Space Center Mission Control Flight Path Command

American Patriot Party

Oregon Patriot Party, Educating True Freedom, America at its best

American Patriot Party National and States Web Forum for the True American Patriot Party

Facts and Perspectives, what everyone should know about life and this world


Final Voyage of the Central America, by Normand E. Klare, Non fiction historical adventure from actual accounts of the tragedy

SS Central America, by Normand E. Klare, Non fiction historical adventure from actual accounts of the tragedy

Herndon and Gibbon, first North American Explorers of the Amazon, by Normand E. Klare, Non fiction historicaladventure from actual accounts

The Ships of Children, Children's and Teen's High Seas Adventure for the Adventurous Sea Scout seeking wind, sail, ships and sea, a ocean going seafarers adventure of sea battles, pirates, gold treasure, savages and fun adventure; enjoyable for the whole family

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Pacific Westcom West Coast Directory, The Best of the West Coast

Private Property Rights

Jenny Creek Private Lands Coalition

Jackson County OregonBusiness Directory

Pacific Westcom Medford Oregon Directory, Medford, Oregon Business

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Greensprings, Green Springs Blue Grass and Cascade Mountain Music Blue Grass Band

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Live 555 Free Radio, The Best of Every Musical Era, All Fast, All Fun, All Family Music,Your Alive with Live 555

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Green Springs Aquaculture, Fine Quality Rainbow Trout, Aquaculture wholesale, Retail, Fresh Dressed Trout, Pond Stocking, Hatchery Fingerling through Trophy

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Jensen's Grammar Wordsmiths Home School Grammar Books, Education in Grammar at itÍs Best

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Klamath Falls Adjudication and Water Right News

Klamath Falls Adjudication

Jenny Creek Privatelands Coalition, Private Property News Update

Commercial Properties: Santa Barbara, California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

Santa Barbara Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage

Los Alamos, California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

Los Alamos Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage

Santa Maria, California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

Santa Maria Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage

San Francisco, California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

San Francisco Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage

Los Angles, California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

Los Angles Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage

Santa Ynez, California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

Santa Ynez Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage

Los Olivos, , California Commercial Real Estate Property, Commercial Lots, Commercial Land, Commercial acreage, Commercial Rentals, Commercial Properties.

Los Olivos Commercial Property Commercial Lots and Commercial Real Estate Land and Acreage Science and Interesting fun Links:

IMA Interstellar Militant Antagonizers
UFO Unidentified Flying Objects, Locators, Clean No Hassle Space shipand Planet Strafing, Spirit, Spirits. Paranormal, Ghost Busters, Ghost KillersStalking and Exterminators for Free Quick Quality Ecto. Exterminations, SpookKilling and Confinement. IMA your Spiritual and Celestial beings Contact,Negotiation and, where necessary, Elimination and Confinement Specialists,when you have invisible and unseen problems arrise, DonÕt be Spooked,call IMA

Seeking God

SPRI, Spiritual Physics Recognition Institute, Private Science at Home Experimentation and Research Forum


Cgsc Afcea Amc Mtmc Usarpac Uspacom Medcom Forscom Usasoc USA US, US Army IMA, Barracks, Docks, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, Green Barrett, Special Forces, Navy Seals, WW I - World War 1 one, WW II World War 2 two, Command, Base Center; Oregon, California, Fire Department, LA Fire, Santa Anna, US Forestry, Oregon State, College; A PWN weather sponsored link county, city and state.

Zoning and other Regulations that obstruct truly free enterprise but for those who can purchase or manipulate them are a bane to true liberty and aboveall other factors in this country create unemployment.

Zoning does not control growth, Zoning and regulations control people; and forces free enterprise into the open arms of a government bureaucracy where growth is untethered; Increasing social bureaucratic dependency and increasing the burden on free enterprise and a free people.

True American Freedom begins with education of the Declaration of Independence and the 40 Grievances that define 40 definitions to recognize tyranny in government.Have you read them?

Read the Declaration of Independence now at the Oregon Patriot Party

Educating civilians, military, militia and the world about true American freedom defined by the founding fathers of this country.

CDF, educating true freedom and justice, one Patriot at a time.

Thomas Jefferson:

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

I do not add 'within the limits of the law', because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. ~~"