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 Green Springs 27 Episode Line Up and Series Titles

Series Clip-  Shark Twip 1 .jpg

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© Richard A. Taylor 1974 -2011 all rights reserved

Scene from "Surfs Up"

Series Clip-  Bobby Bear 1 .jpg

Series Clip-Jerboa 6 .jpg

     Green Springs 27 Episode
           Series Line-up
                 © Richard Taylor 1976-2011

Scripts and  Storyboards are complete.

Welcome to Green Springs
A New Home site for Tubs



Andy the Ant
A Matter of Pride


Big Bobby Bear and the Billionth Blue Balloon
Twiple in Flight



Caterpillars Candy Cocktail
Cool Blue Pools



Damsel and the Dragon fly
The Stomach  Ache


Eight E's

 In Search of the Lost Feather



February Fracas

 Something in the Bread



Gator and the Grouse
Jump and Tackle



Hog Holiday Hoe Down
A Rittle is Born



Itty Bitty "I"



Jerboa Jamboree
Right Nose for the Right Job



Kites and Kangaroos
 Speed Part 1



*Limes and Lamas

 Nuisance in the Woods



*Marble Mountain

 *Friendly Game of Golf



Poison Ivy



O'Brain the Opossum

 Speed Part 2



Porcupines and Petunias
Ostrich or Flamingo



"Q the Quetzal"
Wrong Ingredient



Red Ripe Rutabagas
The Beaver Dam



Seemingly Easy

Bowling Barrier



Turtle and the Tortoise

 Chess Factor



Umbrin and the Urchins

 Nest to be Repaired



Vivacious Vixen

 Nut's Mystery Theater



Wayward Wyda
*Why Birds Fly South



*Yon Yodel of the Yellow Bellied Bunting
*Balloon Race



Xena the Zebra
*On The Table In The Pocket




Special Presentation:

Surfs Up!



Season Finally:
*The Picnic.





A Series like you have never seen before!



Hundreds of new and unique characters!...




Some you could never have imagined!





Action of untold proportions!







Personalities you will never forget.












Character inter action that the hole family will laugh at and enjoy.









Situations that can be found only in the land of Green Springs!








Comedy, and wonderment! That you will want to see again and again!






Series Clip-  Ant 1.jpg

Series Clip-  Sqwalker 1 .jpg

Series Clip-Jerboa 7 .jpg

Series Clip- Dragonfly 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Hawk 1 .jpg

Series Clip-Jerboa 8 .jpg

Series Clip-  Bobby Bear 4 .jpg

Series Clip- Andy Ant 1 .jpg

Katie competent skill.jpg

Series Clip- Andy Ant 2 .jpg

Series Clip- Belmont 2 .jpg

Andy in "Apples at Eight"

Series Clip-  Bobby Bear 2 .jpg

Series Clip- Bobby Bear 6 .jpg

Series Clip- Bobby Bear 7 .jpg

Bobby Bear in "Billionth Blue Balloon"

Series Clip- Caterpiller 1 .jpg

Bobby and Ben in Billionth Blue Balloon.

Series Clip-  I the Fly 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Dipo Twip 1 .jpg

Caterpiller Cocktail

Series Clip- Belmont 1 .jpg

Dip'o and Twiple announce the "Tongue Tailored Toon Twister" segment

Series Clip- Ebert 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Hog Hoedown 1 .jpg

Ebbert in "Eight E's"

Series Clip-  Ant 2 .jpg

Series Clip- Hog Hoedown 2 .jpg

Series Clip- Lost Feather  .jpg

Series Clip- Hog Hoedown 3 .jpg

Series Clip- O'Brain 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Speed 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Snick&Rittle  .jpg

Sqwalker, Tubs, Dip'o & "Twiple in Speed Part 2"

Series Clip- Speed 2 .jpg

Snick & Rittle first published in 1975 editions of Lithia Times makes their second hilarious debut in "A Rittle is Born"

Series Clip- Snick&Rittle2.jpg

The discussion get a bit heated as you can see.

Series Clip- Speed 3 .jpg

Series Clip- Snick&Rittle3.jpg

Series Clip- Speed 4 .jpg

Series Clip- Snick&Rittle4.jpg

Series Clip- Speed 5 .jpg

Series Clip- Llama 4 .jpg

...And no shortage of action!

Series Clip- Speed 6 .jpg

Series Clip-  Tubs Turbo 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Speed 7 .jpg

Series Clip- Speed 8 .jpg

Series Clip- Speed 9 .jpg

Thrills and spills!

Series Clip- Speed 10 .jpg

Jiblet sprints ahead in "Speed" Part 1

Series Clip- Llama3 .jpg

Sqwalker puts the pressure on in "Speed" Part  1

Series Clip-  Gator 1 .jpg

Series Clip- Lost Feather2 .jpg

Series Clip- Nuthatch 1 .jpg

Series Clip Surf 2 .jpg

Series Clip Surf 3 .jpg

Series Clip Surf 4 .jpg

Series Clip- Norman 1 .jpg

Series Clip Surf 6 .jpg

Twiple & Dip'o risk the heights  in
"In Search of the Lost Feather"

Series Clip Surf 1 .jpg

Series Clip Surf 5 .jpg

Sqwalker, Jiblet & Gang in "Surfs Up"

Series Clip- San Haul 1 .jpg

Series Clip Surf 7 .jpg

Surfs Up!

GSP Directory Return.gif

San the snail in "Wrong Ingredient"

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copyright Richard A. Taylor 1984-2011

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