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You only need a small amount of "time" to study "time".
Time has "length".
Time is "spent" or "used".
Time can be measured.
Time can be "consumed".
Time contains other "things" "within" "time".
Does time have "color"?
Is time "transparent"?
Time is a "substance", otherwise it would not "exist".
Time can be "altered".
Time does "exist".
Does time "exist"?.... as a living or growing thing?
What kind of substance is time?
Time can be "wasted", "unused" or "lost".
Is time "absolute"?
Time is a "measure" of heaven as well as earth, biblically at a ratio of 1 year in heaven to 1000 on earth.
Time "differs"? or is always "equal"? or "unchangeable"?
Time can be "planned" for.
Time can be "uncertain".
Time can be time "tested" or "predictable"? or "unpredictable"?
You can accomplish "tasks" "with" time, or enough time.
Time can be "captured"....?
Time can be ""un-captured".
Other things "can" be used (or) are always used with or with the help of time.
Time and "again" or time "alone".
Is there ever "no" time?
What is time "not"?
What does time "consist" of?
Is there a "material" "substance" of or "related" "substance" to "time"?
Is there a "substance" that time "needs" to exist?...... "Matter"?
All things are measured "inside the time box".
Time is like a wooden ruler that "measures" and 'sets" "measurement" of "all"? "things" "physical".
Are there "boarders" "of" time or of the "time box" that "contains" "matter"? or "other" "physical" "things"?

Jesus: "Ask" and you shall receive. "Seek" and you "will" find. Knock and the door "will" open. Ask "anything", ..."anything"  in my name and I "will" give it to you."......... all subjects that require man to use man's will; to ask or initiate the action of seeking; to achieve the receiving.