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The IMA is a serious organization.

We do however enjoy keeping the mood lighthearted as you can see by some of our ``slightly" retouched photographs and descriptions.

Site, information and product disclaimer: Make no mistake; the lasers are real and dangerous. The companies we have listed sell real laser equipment. We cannot stress strongly enough that you read up on any experimentation you plan on doing.

Understand the risks to you and others around you. Electricity at any voltage can be and is deadly; as is with experimental chemical mixtures. If you don't understand completely that which you plan to do, find someone who does or learn by doing much research. Safety of you and others around you should be your first concern.

We are not responsible for you or others around you in the use of products or information presented on this site; nor are those who present products or information through this site responsible. You and you alone are responsible for your actions and or your involvement. If you are not thoroughly educated in the area that you decide to experiment in, do not attempt the experiment, do not join in any experimentation and do not use any device.

Books at Library
These are good. The numbers may differ at your library.

Radio Amateur Fcc Test Manual 621.38416 Shwartz M. 1991-92
Laser Guidebook 621.366 Hecht, J1992
Tesla's High potential high frequency 621.31 Tesla, N 1986
Tesla 621.31 Martin T 1995
Hydraulics 621.2
Lasers, Ray guns & light Cannons 621.366 McComb, G
The ARRL Handbook for radio amateurs 621.384 American 2000

Our aim is truly to accelerate seeing and, most importantly, being seen throughout the universe.

We are blatantly obvious in our presentation of this fact.

We encourage networking to achieve this limitless goal and are expanding our organization in every country.

We are generally hard nosed Patriots and Individualists and our foundation is the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Individual Rights.

We believe that the Declaration of Independence governs even that of the U.S. Constitution; as is clearly defined in its wording. For more serious info on this,
see CDF

We believe in the untethered expansion in the fields of exploration, science, transportation and any experimentation regardless of the dangers one posses to ones self or others who willingly and knowingly join in. We believe accidents or those involved in them owe nothing to no one and that each individual is responsible to himself, even by just accepting to travel to and from, taking part in or simply being present while any experimentation is taking place. It was these types of experimentation and adventuresome spirit that has allowed major break through in science and progress.

We believe that NASA should step aside and let the real men have at it. We believe that there should be absolutely no regulations or fees charged to actively pursue space. A wide take off area and a enter at your own risk trajectory path would be acceptable. 

No controls. No limits. No regulations. Cutting edge.

We are... the IMA