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Here is another article of BLM backlogging lies. In the 1996 Box O article they had "no wish" to take anything but Box O. Here in March, they say they are expanding the grab "earlier announced this year" by 10,000 acres! Then proclaim it a Monument which boundaries take even MORE! Fire management was touted at this time...and in the next month, Los Alamos was burned to the ground using these same practices. The arrogance and "intelligence" of these book learned expansionist bureaucrats are just too much for a free society to put up with much longer. In this article they say they are not going to fence anyone out ...stating allegations to this affect are un true...However, the draft management plan already printed at this time had this option in it to gate vehicles out....and the Monument status promises stricter regulations. BLM even has gun packing "officials"! This is a fact people! These people are here to regulate, not recessitate this area. We were right in 96 and we are right now. It s the socialist expansionism of the Declaration of "INTER - (national)  dependence" a socialist environmentalist paper written in the early 70's....No?....Read it. The title was purposely made to sound like our Declaration of Independence but completely opposite in purpose and in meaning. And remember we are a part of the U.N. and when we agree to U.N. charters, we regulate ourselves along with the other nations and are subject to them! This is a fact! ...Monuments are federally regulated under federal laws that can be regulated by U.N. charters agreed to by our federal government as a member. This is a fact! There is no reason to be involved with the U.N. . NONE! And BLM needs to be liquidated to local control.

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Listen to how subtle and assured their words sound! But look at the facts in all the articles presented here and the previous pages! Proof BLM doesn't mean anything they say! Wake Up!

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